FAN North America

1. After some consultation the informal For All Nails steering committee decided that the semi-independent entity of Nova Scotia included all of IOW Nova Scotia plus PEI and an expanded New Brunswick (called "New Ireland") including the part of the St. John valley in IOW Maine and a bit more of the Gaspe region of IOW Quebec. This was refined later to give Quebec the entire Gaspesie and the valley of the Baie de Chaleur, but give Nova Scotia the Penobscot valley of IOW Maine and everything east of it. The political justification for this is that the borders were drawn by British authorities immediately after the Rebellion, to the disadvantage of Massachusetts, whose noncontiguous province of Maine was separated from it at the same time.

IOW Idaho being in the USM, Nova Scotia has a monopoly on the best potato land in the greater CNA. Newfoundland and the nearby islands are a direct part of the United Kingdom, with the same limited Home Rule as Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. A map of North America with revised internal boundaries for the CNA and USM was eventually constructed.

[Note added later: There are differences between the boundaries adopted in the For All Nails project and those in the main part of the Sobel Wiki -- the latter are based on our best interpretation of Sobel's intent while the former involve "corrections" where the Cabal concluded that Sobel's intent was implausible.]

PEI is called variously "Ile St. Jean", "Abegweit", and "the Island" in this timeline, as the name "Prince Edward" never caught on. If anything its history is even less eventful than IOW. I wanted a story there anyway and could only manage it through a variant of the Witness Protection Program. (DAMB)

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