This is a timeline of events in For All Nails in the years 1901 to 1956.

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  • 4 August 1901 - The Emperor of Japan signs a treaty of alliance with Great Britain.



  • 7 October 1908 - A slave family in Jefferson escapes to Southern Vandalia.


  • 23 July 1912 - Gérard Fontaine, Paramount King of Ghana, meets with a representative of Marshal Henri Fanchon.


  • 8 June 1922 - Radical author Jeremy Slater is arrested for fomenting rebellion.
  • 9 June 1922 - Governor-General Wagner speaks with CBI chief Kamen about Slater's arrest.


  • March 1932 - Cub reporter Edward Minero accepts a job as assistant to former Mexican President Martin Cole, and meets Cole for the first time.


  • 14 November 1935 - K.A. President John Jackson discusses a potential joint project with Owen Galloway.


  • 1 June 1949 - In Baja California, Sheriff Walker Bush discovers a dead swimmer.
  • 2 June 1949 - After an autopsy confirms a shark attack, Bush fails to convince the mayor to close the beaches.
  • 3 June 1949 - As Bush and deputy sheriff Daniel Ortega discuss veterans' issues, a second shark attack occurs. That night Bush, troubled by war memories, hears a news report about racial violence in the Yucatan.
  • 4 June 1949 - As Bush recruits expert seaman Juan Cobb Escobar to deal with the shark, the United Mexican Party building is destroyed by an explosion. Bush and Ortega deal with the casualties and investigation.
  • 5 June 1949 - Two of Escobar's crew are killed by an unknown gunman.
  • 6 June 1949 - As martial law is declared, Bush begins working with Army Major Miguel Rodriguiz to combat the town's now-evident terrorist problem. That night, Bush and Escobar sail after the shark, turning law enforcement on the island over to Ortega.
  • 7 June 1949 - As the shark hunt continues, Escobar scouts out Bush as a potential recruit to his pro-Silva secret society.
  • 8 June 1949 - In the early morning, Bush and Escobar encounter the shark.
  • 9 June 1949 - As the island celebrates the death of the shark, Bush tells Ortega of his plan to further investigate Escobar by accompanying him to the Federal District.
  • 10 June 1949 - On an airmobile over Durango, Bush befriends a Negro USM enlisted woman.


  • 30 April 1952 - Economist Peter Venkman receives a phone call from Councilman Richard Mason.

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