This is a timeline of events in For All Nails in the years 1957 to 1969.

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  • July 1957: Oilman Robert Contreras learns how business works in Mercator's USM.


  • A children's history of the North American Rebellion is published in the CNA.


  • 30 April 1962 - In Sierra Leone, Mexican-immigrant student Amalia Gutierrez clashes with her history professor.
  • 22 November 1962 - Horace, Lord Gilmore, a retired general with shadowy intelligence connections, is murdered in Connecticut. His 12-year-old daughter Evie is traumatized.


  • 9 March 1963 - The white-dominated, Jeffersonist government of Hayti reacts to a jailbreak carried out by black rebels.


  • 19 June 1964 - The Statist reports on the CNA Grand Council's procedural defeat of the Jay Amendment, which would have established direct popular election of the Governor-General.


  • 15 February 1965 - The British Cabinet debates the use of their newly-invented atomic bomb.


  • 13 October 1966 - Walt MacAnuff leads his University of Virginia football team to a memorable victory over Georgia.


  • An excerpt from Zoe Montgomery's The Russian Revolution describes the formation of the Third Polish Republic in 1900 - 1901.
  • 14 April 1967 - Prince Ferdinand Hohenzollern learns that his family has been murdered by revolutionaries, and that he is now King of Spain.
  • 24 April 1967 - King Ferdinand's uncle, the Grand Duke of Minorca, announces that Ferdinand has renounced his claim to the Spanish throne and is now heir to the Grand Duchy.
  • June 1967 - Carl Salazar learns of the defection of eight calculator experts, apparently to the private sector of the C.N.A.
  • 16 August 1967 - The Kramer defectors join the Burlington Home Radio Society, a ham radio club near Burlington, New York.
  • 21 August 1967 - USM historian Herman Muller finishes his critique of Joan Kahn's The Unknown History of the Hermión Assassination.
  • 13 September 1967 - The Kramer defectors are applying transistors to fast switching circuits.


  • 13 July 1968 - A mystery man (later identified as USM Colonel Martin Falcone) subverts the Spanish opposition to the Jeffersonista revolution in Puerto Rico.
  • 15 September 1968 - Deputy Science Minister Joshua Abramowitz and Professor Gerard Belanger establish a computer research lab in Burlington, New York.
  • 18 December 1968 - The Burlington Home Radio Society allows the Kramer defectors to advertise in their newsletter for employees for their new company, General Computing.


  • 14 April 1969 - The New York Herald runs an editorial calling for women's suffrage.
  • 15 April 1969 - The New York Herald runs another editorial explaining that the previous editorial was an exercise in whimsy, and noting that women have voted in the CNA since 1908.
  • 20 July 1969 - CBI Director Timothy Liddy reports to Carter Monaghan on the defection of physicist Stephen Urquell to the USM.
  • August 1969 - Manitoba liberal Mark Stapleton opposes his daughter Alexandra's decision to join the Air Force Academy.
  • 5 August 1969 - Liddy institutes Operation Intercept, a drug interception program, as cover to search for Urquell.
  • 9 September 1969 - Vincent Mercator visits Urquell in California.
  • 18 September 1969 - USM field medic Carmen Valenzuela witnesses a potential war crime involving a captured guerilla on the Mexico del Norte-Southern Vandalia border, and two North American spies observe a Mexican rocket test in Alaska.

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