William Coe Collar (1833-1916) had parallel careers IOW and in the For All Nails timeline, as headmaster of Roxbury Latin School from 1867 to 1907. I am indebted to F. W. Jarvis' Schola Illustris for background on his life, and to my sister Jennie Barrington for finding me two of his IOW textbooks (including Via Latina) in a used bookstore. The Amherst College that Collar attended IOW 1855-7 is replaced in the FANTL by Hooker College, founded in Amherst, Mass., in 1821 as an Anglican seminary but converted to a general liberal arts college during Bishop Emerson's reforms. (This college was incorrectly referred to as St. Thomas More College in the original FAN #73 and in several of my non-canonical SHWI postings. It is named after Richard Hooker (1554-1600), the Elizabethan Anglican divine credited with establishing the Church of England's traditions of doctrinal tolerance.) See FAN #186 for more background on Roxbury Latin and a scene set there in 1975. (DAMB)

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