This is a timeline of events in For All Nails in the year 1970.

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  • A CNA guide to naval vessels describes the development, Global War use, and subsequent fate of the USM's submersible transport vessels.
  • Excerpts from a reference book outline four episodes of the popular Australian vitavision series Space Saga.


  • 22 February 1970 - In Barbados, Mexican spy Phil Jackson suspects that the CNA is starting a rocket program.


  • 24 April 1970 - In Burlington, Bobby Contreras discusses computing machines and politics with Joan Kahn and Paul Markey.


  • 20 June 1970 - Newly-defected physicist Carlos Sparling of Kramer Associates meets his new assistant in Nova Scotia.


  • 17 July 1970 - Rioters in Paris attack the German embassy.
  • 19 July 1970 - Rioting spreads to Nancy in Lorraine.
  • 21 July 1970 - The German Cabinet discusses the recent unrest. Chancellor Markstein orders Ambassador Gellmann to preserve order in France.
  • 22 July 1970 - Ambassador Gellman approaches Yvette Fanchon about forming a new French government.


  • August 1970 - Various magazine articles illustrate the development of sex, drugs, and devil music in the USM.


  • 27 October 1970 - We meet cadets Alexandra Stapleton and Evangeline Gilmore at the Royal CNA Air Force Academy.


  • 6 November 1970 - Mark Stapleton attends a dinner at the RCNAAF Academy with tragic consequences.


  • 6 December 1970 - Commandant Earl St. Laurent writes to Abramowicz about the role of women in his RCNAAF Academy and in the planned space program.

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