This is a timeline of events in For All Nails in the year 1971.

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  • 26 January 1971 - General Computing co-founders Geoffrey Bild and Charlie Lee learn of a breakthrough in the manufacture of miniaturized electronic components.


  • 10 February 1971 - Robert Contreras reflects on the plunge in oil prices, the recent devaluation of the Mexican currency, and President Dominguez' decision not to run for reelection.
  • 17 February 1971 - In New Granada, Colonel Alexander Elbittar is disgusted with the corruption and incompetence of the government of hereditary President Augusto Hermión.


  • 11 March 1971 - On his 18th birthday, Ferdinand Hohenzollern reaffirms his renunciation of the Spanish throne.


  • June 1971 - King Frederik Gustav of Scandinavia dies in an airmobile accident.
  • 18 June 1971 - Robert Contreras addresses a business group.


  • 9 July 1971 - In Quebec City, police captain Lucien Reynard reflects on "L'Affaire Stapleton".
  • 11 July 1971 - King Christian Gustav II of Scandinavia attends his father's funeral.


  • 5 August 1971 - A Scandinavian atomic submersible is commissioned in Riga, Latvia.
  • 22 August 1971 - King Frederick of Poland suffers an assassination attempt.




  • 4 December 1971 - Gavril Ducevic and Nikola Jelic discuss the state of affairs in German-backed Croatia over a game of chess.

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