This is a timeline of events in For All Nails in the year 1977.

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  • 2 March 1977 - Carmen Valenzuela witnesses an uprising in Abéché, Ouadai.
  • 9 March 1977 - Henry Costigan proposes that Chewy Enciso run for the Senate from the state of Jackson (formerly the Capital District).
  • 15 March 1977 - Sebo Quezadas does a tour of duty in Rio Negro providing logistical support to North American troops.


  • 1 April 1977 - Three North American Air Force pilots land in a New Granadan army camp in Guayana.
  • 5 April 1977 - In Guayana, a British officer takes command of an Australian unit.
  • 7 April 1977 - King Frederick faces a crisis in the European Congress, and receives a call from Joshua Merkel.
  • 8 April 1977 - The Statist reports on the ongoing strike in British-occupied New Granada.
  • 10 April 1977 - On Easter Sunday, combined forces of New Granadan soldiers and guerrillas attack the British in Barcelona and Cartagena.
  • 11 April 1977 - Sebo Quezadas witnesses a British attack on a North American supply depot.
  • 17 April 1977 - British troops retake Cartagena.
  • 20 April 1977 - Prime Minister Gold is informed about casualties inflicted during the Easter Rising.
  • 21 April 1977 - The British government quietly contacts the Mexican government about overseeing the end of the American War.
  • 23 April 1977 - The Mexican government considers accepting the proposed British withdrawal from New Granada.
  • 24 April 1977 - Skinner agrees to fund the Mexican oversight of New Granada.



  • 15 June 1977 - Private Nabo is shipped to Arizona.
  • 16 June 1977 - Quebecois journalist Eve Devlin interviews Viceroy Sir Albert Hardy.
  • 20 June 1977 - Devlin publishes her interview in the Frontenac Intrepid.


  • 3 August 1977 - Private Nabo arrives in Cartagena, New Granada.
  • 4 August 1977 - Private Nabo is assigned to Captain Sebo Quezadas' military history unit, and participates in his first mission.


  • 20 October 1977 - Lennart Skinner dies in an airmobile crash, leading to speculation about his successor as Liberal nominee for Governor-General. In Black Rock, the Army Brotherhood responds with a plan to sieze the President's Palace.
  • 21 October 1977 - The people of Payne, Virginia support the planned Army Brotherhood uprising.
  • 22 October 1977 - The Army Brotherhood in Black Rock sets out for Burgoyne.
  • 24 October 1977 - The Army Brotherhood takes over the President's Palace in Burgoyne.


  • November 1977 - An Ouadaian immigrant named Idris Djaibe enters a relationship with a Numidian girl named Anastasia.

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