1. Emma Hamilton is not being unfaithful to Horatio Nelson. She has never met the man. In the FANTL, Captain Nelson is in the New World, providing naval transportation for Cornwallis' army in 1797 (Sobel, p. 61). After the CNA forces take New Orleans (October 1, 1797), Captain Nelson leaves the Blue Water navy for a Brown Water expedition up the Mississippi. Horatio Nelson and General Edward Curtis of Georgia lead many North Americans upriver, planting the flag of British America at numerous forts and trading posts and charting the riverbanks of the Mississippi and Missouri . . .

Nelson, Northern Vandalia, CNA, (IOW Dubuque, Iowa, USA) gets its name from Horatio Nelson.

And Arthur Wellesley, disgraced by his loss to Napoleon in Portugal, found favor again under his old chief, Cornwallis. As a General in the service of the Southern Confederation, Wellesley lead a charge that broke through enemy lines at New Orleans and he died a hero on the evening of his great victory.

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