2. The 1968 election put the Council at 80-53-17 (PC-L-PJ). There is some question as to the plausibility of the breakdown of CNA population into the states -- Sobel sometimes seems to pull numbers out of a hat. But we'll at least make the NC's 35 seats (16-10-9) canonical. Furthermore, here is the division of these seats into provinces:

The 1968 N.C. Grand Council Elections
Province People's Coalition Liberal Party Peace and Justice
Maine 0 1 0
New Hampshire 0 1 0
New York 5 3 4
Massachusetts 1 0 2
Rhode Island 1 0 0
Connecticut 2 0 0
New Jersey 2 1 1
Pennsylvania 3 3 1
Delaware 1 0 0
Maryland 1 0 1
TOTAL 16 10 9

These are based roughly on IOW population with some allowance for earlier suburbanization and dispersion. Maine has its IOW name though it was separated from Massachusetts after the POD. Its loss of around half its IOW land area to Nova Scotia (see More Island Life) actually has relatively little effect on population. Maryland is much less populous than IOW because Baltimore is a smaller city (Norfolk, Charleston and New Orleans took away many of its IOW internal migrants) and Washington isn't there at all (Georgetown and Alexandria are quite small cities). (The later post That All the World Should be Counted has further population statistics and revised 1968 election results.)

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