In general For All Nails contributors should be very hesitant to change facts stated directly in Sobel, but after discussion we find the state population figures insupportable and probably not well considered. The IOW column in the table below is the approximate 1930 population of the IOW area corresponding to each CNA state. Accepting Sobel's figure of 153.6 for the CNA, we have felt the need to redistribute this somewhat, while maintaining the general spirit of Sobel's CNA. For example, we have given Manitoba four times its population IOW rather than eight. We also have given the SC a much greater population. The earlier deurbanization in the CNA should accelerate the movement of population to the Sunbelt that is the major factor for the IOW figures. Sobel seems to have not considered the tendency of a free people to move to warmer climes... (DAMB)

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