In fact this entire vignette was based on a misunderstanding on my part, overlooking the Sobel footnote indicating that CNA women did get the vote in 1908. The following vignette, A Correction, was my attempt to rectify the situation. It is still notable that the only women mentioned in Sobel are Queen Victoria and a few historians and journalists. This boggles my imagination -- unfortunately it's too late to ask him whether he had a reason why either IOW 19th-century feminism didn't happen or he ignored it. I would love to have more speculation from someone with more background, but conventionally feminism IOW followed economic factors with more industrial age jobs open to women. (There is an Andersontown MA clearly meant to be an analog of Lowell or Lawrence -- who worked there?) Of course suffrage followed WWI IOW and further changes followed WWII, and the CNA had no analog of either. Some sources internal to the For All Nails timeline argue that the Sobel of that timeline had some sort of animus against feminism -- see for example An Opposing Viewpoint and The Dream and the Nightmare. (DAMB)

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