Conrad, Judge Lancito's bailiff, served in the infantry in the Global War along with several million other Mexicans. Most of them learned to field-strip a portable radio almost as quickly as a rifle. Units without a special Dineh-speaking indigena radio operator also had to develop some expertise with some simple but effective field ciphers. All in all, the base of amateur expertise in electrical tinkering in Mexico dwarfs the CNA's "home radio" movement. "Homebrew computing" is beginning to take off, as the Pomona-1 is an excellent platform to experiment with. The next stage for Pomona is to build a self-contained computer based on the next generation of GC chips. (While Mexico leads the CNA in any kind of electronic technology you can see, the CNA's massive capital investment and stronger scientific base have led to its getting integrated circuits first.) The business part of the emerging partnership between Pomona Calculators and General Computing was settled over the summer during Bobby and Anna's visit to Burlington.

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