4. "Galloway's Children" is based on the novel of the same name by pro-Diffusion author Stephen Quentin. The novel itself was viewed as perhaps too-idealistic snapshot of the Time of Diffusion. It follows the Richards family, a poor Southern Vandalian farming family, who moves to Michigan City via the Galloway Plan. Eventually the oldest son Isaiah Richards falls in love with local Michigan City girl Josephine Taylor. The plot is more-or-less Romeo and Juliet but with a happy ending. That ending caused most literary critics to lambaste Quentin for being too dreamy about the Diffusion.

In 1968, the novel was brought to the big screen. The adaptation and performances were superb, and garnered Felix awards for Best Actor (Ben Trimble, in the role of Isaiah) and Best Actress (Martha Jackson, in the role of Josephine).

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