In this timeline the established Church of North America (Anglican) is much stronger than the Episcopalians IOW, especially in the original colonies. (In Massachusetts, it included the school of liberal intellectual Protestantism that became Unitarianism IOW.) St. George's College in Newport is one of several fine CoNA-run undergraduate colleges in the NC and SC. (Another is Hooker College (erroneously called St. Thomas More College in the original post) in western Massachusetts, on the site of Amherst College IOW.) Many of these colleges boast world-renowned scholars, especially in the humanities. SGC is on the site IOW of St. George's, a private high school (and site of one of my varsity wrestling matches when I was at Roxbury Latin). Patriot Newport suffered greatly after the Rebellion but in the last century has grown into a pleasant college and resort city. It has absorbed neighboring Middletown RI, following the general CNA trend of larger-area cities. (DAMB)

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