The National Renewal Party is the party in power in the UK. It is authoritarian, pro-military, and dedicated to the reconstruction of the old United Empire as an international, interracial, association of free British and British-descended nations. It is deeply anti-German and profoundly sceptical of USM intentions. It is also rumoured to be partly funded by Kramer money.

A further note on Great Britain:

The NRP are not anti-aristo, more anti-useless-aristo. The party is akin to a Popular Front IOW - not much of a policy beyond the reassertion of the Empire, so a broad appeal across the patriotic proletariat, the middle classes, the mercantile classes and the aristos. I think they have an absolute majority and are faced with the Tories (home-focused, no overseas aspirations), Radicals (like the Lib Dems IOW, with some left-wing activists from the Guilds and Confederations) and Conservatives (barking-mad isolationists, schismatics from the Tories after the Global War).

Great Britain in this time line is somewhat less densely populated (as emigration to the CNA, Australia and New Zealand has been far greater), considerably more militarised (3 year compulsory conscription for males over 18, no exemptions), much more dirigiste (State control of vital industries - i.e. arms, energy and transportation) and has a smaller economy, notwithstanding the continued membership of Ireland. GB only just weathered the aftermath of the Global War with the help of the CNA's Mason Aid and the economy is still in a parlous state. London, even 25 years after the effective end of hostilities, still shows many signs of the German airmobile bombardments during the four unsuccessful invasion attempts. Kent and Sussex are effectively still disaster areas, with no significant surviving infrastructure.

Notwithstanding the above, the dedication of a far higher proportion of GNP to military ends means that the British military potential is high. The Armed Forces are large and competent, with a wealth of experience from continuous participation in the brushfire wars constantly smouldering around the periphery of the German Empire.

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