10. An MLA is a member of Georgia's Legislative Assembly (a "state rep" IOW). Garibaldi is a middle-class mostly-Italian suburb of New Orleans, named after the Italian patriot (b. 1807). Since Austria did not gain control of Lombardy and Venetia (as they did IOW after the Napoleonic Wars) the unification of Italy proceeded differently in this timeline. Pope Pius VIII (same guy as Pius IX IOW) was the leading liberal figure -- he and Garibaldi were allies in establishing a federation of kingdoms led by the Pope, and this evolved into the unitary Kingdom of Italy after the Bloody Eighties. As IOW, Garibaldi had his first military and naval experience in Latin America in the 1830s, where he helped secure the independence of Santa Catarina, Rio Grande, and Cisplatina (IOW the two southernmost states of Brazil and the nation of Uruguay, respectively.)

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