John Adams (1735-1778) was one of the seven Patriot leaders arrested, brought to trial in London, and executed after the failure of the North American Rebellion. After their Braintree farm was burnt by an anti-Patriot mob, John's widow Abigail (1744-1813) and son John Quincy (1767-1847) took the Walk to Jefferson, fortunately choosing the successful second expedition rather than Arnold's (see below). Abigail was responsible for a clause in the Jefferson Charter of Rights guaranteeing certain legal protections for women, though this clause did not survive in the subsequent Mexican Constitution (see Historiae Virorum Illustrorum Novangliae). John Quincy became a diplomat in the FANTL as well (though without his IOW boyhood experience of accompanying his father to France in 1778, since this expedition was abandoned after Saratoga/Albany) and is mentioned by Sobel as Secretary of State of the USM. Late in life, he attempted in vain to prevent the Rocky Mountain War.

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