IOW, today's Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the direct successor of the colonial-era government. In the For All Nails timeline the Patriot government was abolished in favor of military rule after the Tory victory in 1778, with popular government only gradually restored under the leadership of Governor Daniel Shays (see a footnote to Sunday Morning Coffee). The pre-Rebellion Commonwealth of course included the present-day Northern Confederation province of Maine as well as Massachusetts. IOW the split was delayed until the Missouri Compromise of 1820, but in the FANTL it occurred by administrative order in 1782. By the way, this Maine is much smaller in land area than that IOW, though it includes most of the same population centers. The Associated Federal Province of Nova Scotia includes the Penobscot Valley (with Sunbury on the site of IOW Bangor) and everything east of it. The border between Quebec and Nova Scotia is also defined by watersheds, with Quebec getting the St. Laurent valley and everything draining into the Atlantic north of or via the Baie de Chaleur. The potato-farming upper St. John valley is thus in Nova Scotia, as is a small section of the highway from Quebec to Empire Falls (IOW Skowhegan) along which this vignette takes place. (If you're keeping score at home, this border definition supersedes the awarding of the Gaspesie to Nova Scotia in More Island Life.)

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