Ethan Allen (1738-1784), Patriot hero of Ticonderoga, with his brother Ira leader of the independent Patriot "State of Vermont" crushed by British regular forces after the rest of the Rebellion failed. The Allens escaped to lead a ragged resistance in the "Northwest Kingdom" of New Hampshire. Sobel refers to the Green Mountain Boys as opposing the lawful government through most of the nineteenth century. They did so (until largely wiped out by the CBI in the 1880's) but as more of a crime syndicate than an insurrectionary government. The "State of Vermont" is now as imaginary as the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts". (IOW Allen lived until 1789 and is considered the founding father of Vermont, which was briefly semi-independent and entered the Union in 1791. Recall that IOW Vermont is split in the FANTL between the NC provinces of New York and New Hampshire, along the line of the Green Mountains. Sobel refers on page 45 to "the part of New Hampshire known as Vermont", which refers to the GMB territory rather than all of IOW Vermont).

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