Robert Kenney is the FANTL analog of IOW Kenneth Roberts (1885-1957), author of romantic novels about the American Revolution, passionate defender of the legacy of Benedict Arnold, and promoter of dowsing. Adam and the General have read Sobel's For All Time (see For All Time (Part 1) and The Dream and the Nightmare) and approve of its Patriot-victory scenario though they have a rosier view than Sobel of how an Arnold victory would really have changed history. Kenney's executors are rumored to be considering a release of his foray into "imaginary history", which has Arnold leading the USA to control all of North America, only to be challenged by an evil empire founded in southern Africa by (get this) Tory refugees... By the way, For All Time has been receiving attention in mainstream circles as well, most of it negative. Professor Pez, writing in the Philadelphia Examiner, points out one of its siller touches. "History records that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were hanged within hours of each other in December 1778. In For All Time they still die within hours of each other, but Sobel has it occur on the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence." (For the entire review see The Dream and the Nightmare.)

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