Dewey Field is Burgoyne's principal airport, located IOW's Bradford Woods, Pennsylvania, fifteen miles northwest of the city. In the original posting of this footnote, the border between Pennsylvania and Indiana was set on the 80th meridian, with a small salient between the rivers poking out of that. Johnny's maps on this wiki, on the other hand, have everything north of the Ohio and Allegheny in Indiana, everything south of the Ohio and Monongahela in Virginia, and everything between the rivers in Pennsylvania. I have agreed that this is a more plausible decision by the Britannic Designers, especially with the symbolism of the three different confederations meeting in Burgoyne, and it is now canon for For All Nails. (DAMB)

The New York-Pennsylvania border on the 42nd parallel continues west past the Allegheny to become the New York-Indiana border, so that the IOW Erie Triangle and the city that is Erie PA IOW are part of New York province and thus of the Northern Confederation. All these territorial adjustments have negligible effects on the population and apportionment figures in That All the World Should be Counted. (DAMB)

Thus the northern and northwestern suburbs of Burgoyne are in Indiana. Both the airfield and the township containing it received their current names in 1939 as GG Watson honored his late predecessor and fellow Liberal. (Burgoyne was an early air hub -- even in the rail-centric CNA politicians quickly took to air travel, particularly during the short heated national campaigns.)

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