For All Nails #6A: A Correction

by David Mix Barrington

(Note: this post in some sense replaces Two Angry Citizens Per Distant Unit Per City as a contribution to the timeline, in ways that should become clear. (DAMB))

Editorial Page, New York Herald
15 April 1969
"A Correction"

Yesterday's leading editorial, "A Step in the Right Direction," was actually a fanciful literary exercise, imagining a C.N.A. in which women were not given the vote in 1908. FN1 For the benefit of any readers confused by our imaginings, we hereby correct the following statements of "fact" contained there:

1) Women have in fact voted in C.N.A. national elections since 1908. They voted earlier in local elections, beginning with the Black Hills region of Northern Vandalia in the 1850s. No responsible body has called for women to lose this privilege.

2) Women have served with distinction in auxiliary roles in the C.N.A. armed forces since the military buildup preceding the Global War. Only in the Nursing Corps and the Air Force, however, do they comprise part of the regular chain of command. FN2

3) The status of women's suffrage in the remote central Asian nation of Pashtunistan is difficult to assess due to the continuing civil war there. At least one faction opposes all participation by women in public life, citing their interpretation of Islamic law. FN3 Women are allowed to vote in the Denmark region of the Kingdom of Scandinavia. FN4

4) The name and gender of the mayor of the city of Brooklyn was misstated in the editorial, along with the content of her speech to the Alliance for Women's Equality. She is Miriam Levine. The measure she promised, and which the City Council approved, concerned the registration of Sapphic partnerships with city authorities and consequent extension of benefits. FN5 We regret any misunderstanding caused by this matter. We hope the controversy will encourage contemplation of the role of women in our society, and how it may or should change as a consequences of the great challenges facing our nation.

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