Albert Peck has been Secretary of Education in the United States of Mexico under President Raphael Dominguez since 1966.

Professor Peck was on the faculty of the Mexico City Polytechnic Institute in 1966 when he was chosen by President Dominguez and Secretary of War Vincent Mercator to replace Dr. William Chron as Education Secretary. The scientists being trained by Dr. Chron's reformed university system were unequal to the task of creating an atomic bomb, and Professor Peck was given the task of remedying the situation. Peck responded by establishing new university centers in each state where the top students would be trained. However, the program will require several years to produce the necessary highly-skilled scientists, and as of November 1971, the U.S.M. still does not possess an atomic bomb.

Sobel's source for Professor Albert Peck's educational reforms is Kenneth Zarb's Inside the U.S.M.: Mercator's Folly (New York, 1971).

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