The Battle of Seven Forks was a battle of the Mexican Civil War that took place in November 1816. General Andrew Jackson, leading the Jeffersonian army, was approaching Mexico City from the north. General Carlos Mejía, leading a larger Federalist army, attempted to halt Jackson's advance. Jackson was able to defeat Mejía and join up with a Clericalist army led by Simón Figueroa. The combined Jeffersonian/Clericalist army entered Mexico City on February 17, 1817.

One of the members of Mejía's army who was killed at Seven Forks was the father of future Mexican President Pedro Hermión, a fact that was used against Hermión during his rise in the Continentalist Party.

Sobel's source for the Battle of Seven Forks is Leland Commons' Jackson and the Mexican Campaign (Mexico City, 1951).

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