Benito Calzon

Benito Calzón of Durango.

Benito Calzón was a leader of the Continentalist Party from Durango in the 1850s (though Sobel does not mention which political office he held, if any).

Calzón opposed ratification of the Hague Treaty in 1855, and denounced President Hector Niles for agreeing to its terms. Calzón claimed that the treaty was a "betrayal of the memory of Pedro Hermión" and that Niles had "bartered away our birthright in Mexico del Norte for a questionable peace with a dastardly foe."

Calzón does not have an entry in Sobel's index.

Sobel's source for the political career of Benito Calzón is Hector Corazón's La Vida y Obras de Benito Calzón de Durango (Mexico City, 1962).

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