For All Nails #17: Burlington Home Radio Society

By Dan McDonald

Excerpts from the minutes of the Burlington Home Radio Society FN1

August 16, 1967

. . .

  • New members tonight: Geoffrey Bild and Charlie Lee (Charlie's from China, I think). Fascinating story about escaping from Taichung. Many questions followed about Kramer Bomb, but they claimed to have no knowledge. (NOTE: I believe them - they'd have been spirited off to Manitoba if they knew anything.)

. . .

September 13, 1967

. . .

  • Geoff and Charlie gave lecture tonight on switches, logic, and how radio parts could be used to make switches. Audience was silent, mostly because of confusion. Discussion on how to convert transistors into "De Morgan switches" did provoke stimulating discussion.
  • Two of their friends (Jose and June??) were taking notes during the discussion.

. . .

December 18, 1968

. . .

  • Geoff, Charlie, and their ex-Kramer colleagues have asked permission to place an ad in the January newsletter seeking employees for their new company. The board decided unanimously to accept the advertisement, but in exchange for a N.A. £30 donation to the club's equipment fund.

. . .

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