Edward Byrnes of the For North America Movement.

Edward Byrnes was the leader of the For North America Movement, a radical anti-isolationist student organization in the Confederation of North America during the Starkist terror. Byrnes was vehemently opposed to Governor-General Ezra Gallivan's isolationist foreign policy during the Great Northern War, and he considered Gallivan a traitor to the C.N.A. Following the Mexican conquest of Alaska in 1898, Byrnes hinted that assassination might be the best way to remove Gallivan from power.

Following the end of the Starkist terror in 1901, public opinion shifted in Gallivan's favor. Byrnes, who continued to believe the charges made by Fritz Stark in the Stark speech, found himself being shunned. He later wrote in his memoirs, Rebel, "It was amazing. Former comrades were embarrassed to be seen in public with me, and would not even talk to me on the telephone. We were right in 1899, and we are right today. Nothing has happened to change that. But even if we were wrong, so were the turncoats. Today they deny it, but most of them were ready with the torch in 1899, while today they fall over each other awarding medals to Gallivan."

Sobel's source for Edward Byrnes' role in the Starkist terror is Byrnes' Rebel (New York, 1920).

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