Fred Tryon

Fred Tryon of Southern Vandalia.

Fred Tryon is a member of the Grand Council from Southern Vandalia. Originally a member of the Liberal Party, Tryon contended for nomination as Governor-General at the Liberals' 1968 national convention, along with fellow Mason supporter James Volk and Mason opponent Grover Speigal. When the deadlocked convention finally chose Manitoba Governor Jason Winters as a compromise candidate, Tryon and Mason led half of their supporters out of the hall, pledging to put up a peace candidate on a peace platform. Tryon and Mason founded the Peace and Justice Party, which nominated Volk for Governor-General, and within days had placed candidates on the ballots of all the Grand Council races. Volk went on to win 22% of the vote in the 1968 Grand Council elections, and the P.J.P. elected 17 members to the Grand Council. One of the P.J.P.'s Grand Council members is from Southern Vandalia, and it is likely that this is Tryon, though Sobel does not specifically say so.

Sobel's sources for the founding of the Peace and Justice Party are Jay Knowles' In the Day of the Cuckoo (New York, 1970) and Robert Mead's Peace and Justice, Sanity and Reason (New York, 1970).

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