Superintendent Geoffrey Prentice.

Geoffrey Prentice was the first Superintendent of the Confederation Bureau of Investigation from its founding in 1878 to 1883. Prentice presided over the C.B.I. during its initial phase of existence, when it was designed by Governor-General John McDowell to supervise various agencies of the national government and root out dishonest men and their allies. In 1880 Prentice sent Colonel Mark Forsyth to Mexico City to help President George Vining establish the Constabulary, and Constabulary agents were required to read Prentice's text The Nature of Rebellion.

The Great Depression of 1880 - 1882 brought an upsurge of unrest and lawlessness in the C.N.A., and this prompted McDowell to alter the C.B.I.'s mission to investigating subversive individuals and groups, and also to double its size. At the same time, McDowell replaced Prentice with Forsyth, who was well-known for his tough law-enforcement policy. McDowell also changed the title of the head of the C.B.I. from Superintendent to Commandant.

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