Van Buren

Martin van Buren of New York.

Martin van Buren (1782 - 1862) was the leader of the Northern Confederation's Conservative Party in the 1820s and 1830s, and was Governor of the Northern Confederation from 1825 to 1831.

Unlike the N.C.'s Liberal Party, the Conservatives were poorly organized and had no basic political philosophy; instead, they simply opposed Liberal policies. The Conservatives did have more popular support than the Liberals, and in the 1825 elections they were able to gain a majority of seats on the Northern Confederation Council, and Van Buren became Governor. The Conservatives' manipulation of the banking system led to the Depression of 1829, and cost them their majority in the 1831 elections.

Sobel's source for the politcial career of Martin van Buren is Hugh Scott's Giant in Chains: Van Buren and the Conservatives (Mexico City, 1960).

Governors of the Northern Confederation
John DickinsonGeorge ClintonDaniel WebsterMartin van BurenHenry GilpinJohn DixVictor AstorElbert Childs

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