Maxwell Boatner of Indiana.

Maxwell Boatner was a member of the People's Coalition who served as Governor of Indiana in the 1890s. Under Governor-General Christopher Hemingway, Boatner was appointed co-Administrator of the National Financial Administration on August 6, 1904, along with bankers Hugh Neill and Edward White. Boatner and his fellow co-Administrators continued the conservative policies of their predecessor Julius Nelson. Sobel does not say when Boatner retired from the N.F.A.

Sobel's source for Maxwell Boatner's term as co-Administrator of the N.F.A. is John Friendly's A History of the National Financial Administration (New York, 1967).

Governors of Indiana
Pierre ConcordéWilliam Henry HarrisonClaude BaldwinJoseph FellowsMaxwell BoatnerDavid Heald

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