The Confederation of Northern Vandalia.

The Confederation of Northern Vandalia is one of the six confederations that currently make up the Confederation of North America. Its capital and largest city is Galloway, named after Joseph Galloway.

Northern Vandalia was created in 1877 when the original confederation of Vandalia was separated into Northern and Southern Vandalia. Northern Vandalia retained the original capital city of Galloway, and Vandalian Governor Hiram Potter continued in office as the first Governor of Northern Vandalia. Northern Vandalia also received Vandalia's mines and wheatfields, and many of the settlers from the Northern Confederation, Indiana, and from overseas.

Struggling pioneers in Northern Vandalia were attracted to the new People's Coalition in the 1870s, although Nathaniel Teller was the only Coalitionist to win his seat in the 1878 Grand Council elections. The confederation's other ten seats were split evenly between the traditional Liberal and Conservative Parties.

During the Bloody Eighties, many European immigrants who had originally intended to settle in Manitoba wound up settling instead in the Fowler region of Northern Vandalia. The growing radicalism brought on by the Great Depression allowed the People's Coalition to gain a second seat in the 1883 Grand Council elections, with the Liberals winning all but one of the other nine.

Following the Mexican conquest of Alaska in the Great Northern War, the Northern Vandalian legislature followed that of Manitoba by passing a resolution calling for increased military spending.

When the Friends of Black Mexico held vigils outside of Mexican consulates in Northern Vandalia in February 1916, they were attacked by anti-F.B.M. forces. During the 1920s, Northern Vandalia, along with Quebec and Nova Scotia, received over a million emigrants from elsewhere in the C.N.A. In the 1950s, the wilderness areas of Northern Vandalia received additional emigrants who sought to escape from the larger society.

Notable Northern Vandalians include Governors-General Clifton Burgen and Bruce Hogg.

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