Senator Peter Higbe of the Northern Confederation.

Peter Higbe
was a member of the Confederation Senate from the Northern Confederation in the 1880s. During the 1888 Grand Council elections he served as Mayor Ezra Gallivan's campaign manager, which effectively meant that he coordinated the campaigns of the People's Coalition's 150 candidates for the Grand Council. Sobel notes that under Higbe's guidance, the Coalition achieved an internal consistency and efficiency that the Liberals would not have for another two elections. Between Gallivan's campaigning and Higbe's management, the P.C. won a plurality of 73 seats in 1888, and Gallivan became the next Governor-General. Although Sobel makes no further mention of Higbe, it is possible that he also managed Gallivan's campaigns in 1893 and 1898 from his position in the Confederation Senate.

Sobel's source for Peter Higbe's role as Gallivan's campaign manager is Howard Arthur's The Impossible Victory: The Coalition in 1888 (New York, 1934).