Robert Sobel

Robert Sobel.

The Preface of Robert Sobel's dual history For Want of a Nail ... was completed at the University of Taiwan on 19 February 1972 and appears on pages xi-xii.

In it, Sobel announces his intention to write a political and economic, but not social and cultural, history of the United States of Mexico and the Confederation of North America. He explains that he has omitted a concluding chapter, letting the official critique by Professor Frank Dana of the University of Mexico City stand in its place. (This critique is dated 17 July 1972 and appears on pages 402-6.)

Finally, Sobel thanks a number of colleagues for help on specific subjects, including Professor James Hedge of the University of London, Professor Maude Johnson of Burgoyne University, Carlos Olverado of Taiwan University, Quebec Minister of Home Affairs James Duferre, and Brigadier David Shaw of the Australian Army. Sobel reserves his most effusive thanks for Professor Stanley Tulin of Cortez University, the curator of the Kramer Associates papers.

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