Bruce Hogg of Northern Vandalia.

The Reform Bill of 1939 was an act passed by the Grand Council of the Confederation of North America and signed into law by Governor-General Bruce Hogg in 1939. The act served to amend the Second Britannic Design by altering the way in which the Governor-General was chosen. As laid out in the Reform Bill, in the event of a tie vote for Governor-General in the Grand Council, the Confederation Senate would act as a tie-breaker. Sobel does not say whether the Reform Bill provides a way to resolve a tie vote in the Senate.

The Reform Bill of 1939 was passed in response to the 1938 Grand Council elections, which resulted in a two-seat majority for the People's Coalition, the narrowest majority in the history of the C.N.A.

Sobel's source for the Reform Bill of 1939 is John Deak's The Britannic Design in the Twentieth Century (New York, 1959).

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