South Carolina was one of the thirteen British colonies that engaged in the North American Rebellion. It was incorporated into the Southern Confederation of the Confederation of North America, where it remains today. Its capital, Charleston, is one of the C.N.A.'s principal cities.

Like the other southern colonies, South Carolina escaped most of the organized fighting of the Rebellion. Though its forces participated in the Louisiana theatre of the Trans-Oceanic War, it did not gain territory to the west as did Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. During the early 1800's its plantation economy largely prospered, but soil exhaustion and slave revolts, such as Howard's Rebellion in 1815 and later revolts in 1821 and 1829, began to threaten the system.

The province's most famous son, Willie Lloyd, was along with John Calhoun one of the two dominant figures in S.C. politics in the period leading up to the Second Britannic Design. Lloyd originated and carried out the manumission scheme that ended formal chattel slavery in the confederation in 1840, was one of the founders of the national Conservative Party, and was that party's unsuccessful standard-bearer in the first national election of 1843.

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