Professor James Volk, author of The Bomb Myth.

The Bomb Myth is a book published in 1967 in New York City by political scientist James Volk. The best selling book in the Confederation of North America in 1967, the thesis of The Bomb Myth was that atomic bombs could only be used defensively, not offensively, since any offensive use would invite retaliation by other nations possessing atomic weapons. Sobel writes that Volk's arguments had wide appeal around the world, that The Bomb Myth was translated into every major language, and that the book was known to have been read carefully by the leaders of Kramer Associates, the German Empire, Great Britain, and the United States of Mexico. The Bomb Myth reopened the debate on arms policy in the C.N.A. that was thought to have been ended by the detonation of the first atomic bomb by Kramer Associates. Governor-General Carter Monaghan rejected the thesis of The Bomb Myth, while former Governor-General Richard Mason supported it.

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