For All Nails #14A: The King is Dead

By Henrik Kiertzner

Roskilde, Denmark, Scandinavia
11 July 1971

The Domkirke was packed to overflowing. A State funeral -- especially a Royal one -- could count on massive attendance from Heads of Government, diplomats and other movers and shakers.

Christian Gustav II, newly succeeded but still uncrowned King of Scandinavia FN1 paid particular attention to the military attaches of Germany and the USM, who were sitting next to each other and, apparently, chatting idly during a pause in the funeral ceremony for Christian Gustav's father, Frederik Gustav, who had died the previous month in an airmobile accident while flying back from the Eastland. FN2

Christian Gustav looked across the crowded aisle and caught the eye of a tall, grey-haired Colonel in the red tunic of the Royal Life Guard. He raised an eyebrow at him, twitching his gaze back to the Mexican and the German and received a fractional nod in response. He smiled faintly at the Deputy Head of the Royal Information Service and leant back in the pew, satisfied that the conversation between the two would be transcribed and analysed from the tiny Kramer-produced FN3 wireless overhearing device.

The Global War FN4 had taught Scandinavia both the value of neutrality and the advantage of intelligence. Christian Gustav was clear on the need to maintain both.

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