Governor-General John McDowell.

The Transportation Act of 1883 was an act passed by the Grand Council of the Confederation of North America and signed into law by Governor-General John McDowell in 1883. As with most of the reforms passed in 1883, the Transportation Act passed with a large majority, with many members of the People's Coalition joining McDowell's own Liberal Party to vote for the act. The Transportation Act increased the power of the Railroad Control Commission, created in 1878, enabling the Commission to order changes in the policies of railroad companies. As with most of McDowell's reforms, the Transportation Act was criticized by the Conservative Party press as too radical, and by the Coalitionists as too timid.

Sobel's sources for the Transportation Act of 1883 are Worthington Fowler's Reform at Flood Tide: McDowell's Year of Glory, 1883 (New York, 1908) and Jay Phister's The Age of Renewal: McDowell at His Prime (New York, 1952).

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