Waldo Turner of Manitoba.

Waldo Turner was a late 19th century North American religious and social reformer who established a utopian religious community called New Jerusalem in western Manitoba in the 1880s. Turner was a critic of the new capitalist order being established in western Europe and the New World. In Utopia Across the River, published in New Jerusalem in 1903, Turner wrote that "the new order is corrupt, and the old is decayed. There is no hope for either." Turner attracted followers in Europe and South America as well as the C.N.A., and he encouraged them to emigrate to Manitoba to form "The New City of God." The community Turner founded was, says Sobel, based on mutual respect, sharing, and free love, though the German nationalist Otto von Kelsing dismissed Turnerism as "romantic nonsense."

Sobel cites Turner's Utopia Across the River in a footnote in Chapter 17, and lists it in his bibliography.

In For All Nails, the character Colonel Henry Anson is a Turnerite.