Dr. William Chron was Secretary of Education in the United States of Mexico from 1955 to 1966 under Presidents Vincent Mercator and Raphael Dominguez. Under Chron, the U.S.M.'s education system underwent a major reform. The university system was expanded and radically accelerated, with medical and technological schools becoming trade colleges where students learned only those skills needed for their jobs. Chron stated that "A doctor is little different from a plumber," and that a secondary school graduate could become a doctor in only three years. As a result of Chron's reforms, the U.S.M. now has the lowest ratio of population per doctor in the world.

Following the detonation of the first atomic bomb by Kramer Associates in 1962, President Mercator initiated a crash program to produce a Mexican bomb. However, the scientists produced by Chron's reformed education system proved unequal to the task, and in 1966 Chron was replaced as Education Secretary by Professor Albert Peck.

Sobel's source for Dr. William Chron's education reforms is David McAnson's The Proud Humanitarian: Vincent Mercator of Mexico (Mexico City, 1968).

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